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15 Profitable Side Hustle to Make Money in Nigeria



Making money in Nigeria is as important as breathing, especially with the current state of the country.

In today’s Nigeria, where our darling Garri is no longer a poor man’s food, sachet water popularly known as pure water is now sold for N20 per one. Having a side hustle or an extra source of income is very important.

Amidst the high cost of living in Nigeria, increase in food prices, fuel & cooking gas, and everything else.

Monthly take-home income can no longer take an average Nigerian home. Should we talk about the minimum wage? You and I know that the minimum wage in Nigeria is not enough to cover the monthly living expenses of an average Nigerian. With these and many more, having a side hustle or an additional source of passive income is very important.

In today’s post, I want to reveal to you 15 lucrative side hustles to make money in Nigeria.

My friends and I make money monthly practically applying some of these ideas. Other smart Nigerians are also currently making 6-7 figure income from these side hustle working from home in Nigeria.

1. An Extra Source of Income

Having an extra source of income is necessary no matter what country you live in. A source of passive income can help take care of extra bills, and can be used as capital for investments or for starting up a new business.

The importance of starting up a side hustle in Nigeria can never be overemphasized. Even if you are a civil servant, banker, oil company worker, or public servant. A side business can help cushion the harsh effect of this bad economy.

2. You Can Quite Your 9-5 Job

Remember what they say about “big things starting small”?

Most people jokingly start a side business. Give it less attention, only to discover that the side hustle/business has the tendency of making them a lot of money.

In a scenario where your side hustle pays a whole lot more than your 9 to 5, what would you do? You can quit and focus on building your side hustle. This may eventually grow into a big business in a few years. The only challenge is that most Nigerians have a get-rich-quick mentality. Once they start a business, and it does not generate money in a few days, weeks, or months, they will throw in the towel and look for another available one.

About 11 years ago, there was a guy who started as a phone repairer while I worked with Kenax Cafe in Obiaruku, Delta State. Today, he has acquired a new mega building, selling phones and accessories. I was impressed!

3. You Can Learn and Master a New Skill

Starting a side hustle can push and encourage you to learn and master a new skill. Since you will be getting paid for it, you will be motivated to put in the work, unlike a hobby that you do just for self-satisfaction.

There are numerous side hustle ideas you can pick up and start almost immediately, and most of these side hustles require little to no capital to get started. The best part is you can also make them a full-time job.

You just have to dedicate a few hours every day to learning how they work and then dive deep into implementation.

Without wasting much time, let’s talk about a few of these side hustles.

15 Profitable Side Hustle You Can Start in Nigeria.

Below are 15 high-paying side hustles you can start now with just your phone or laptop, internet connection, and a little capital.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business model and definitely one side hustle idea you should consider starting in Nigeria. To simply put it, all you need to do in affiliate marketing is promote someone else’s product or service and get paid for it. Easy Peasy right? I know. The product or service you decide to promote or affiliate for could be a digital product like ebooks, videos, online courses, or a physical product like clothes, gadgets, etc.

Learn more about Affiliate marketing here


2. Information Marketing

Everybody desires information, especially when there is a possibility that it can change our lives. If you have some expertise in a field or some form of knowledge that can help people, creating and selling an information product is something you should consider. It could be in the form of an ebook, video, or even an audio course.

Learn more about Information marketing here


3. Freelancing

One of the best side hustle you can start in Nigeria has to be freelancing, especially if you have digital skills. You can get started with freelancing by applying for jobs like data entry, web design, graphic design, copywriting, content writing, etc on freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and truelancer.

Learn how to get started with freelancing side hustle


4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one side hustle you should consider starting in Nigeria. You may be tempted to ask, what is the meaning of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce kind of business where the seller acts as a middleman between the distributor and the buyer. You don’t need to purchase any product in this business model, all you need to do is be the link between the distributor and the buyer and earn in Dollars.

Dropshipping works like this. When a customer buys a product from your online store at retail price, you order from the distributor or seller at wholesale price, and the distributor sends the goods directly to your buyer.

You can start dropshipping in Nigeria from Aliexpress using Shopify or Alidropship.

Learn more about dropshipping in Nigeria using SHOPIFY

Learn more about dropshipping in Nigeria using ALIDROPSHIP


5. Mini Importation

Mini importation is one of the most popular side-hustle in Nigeria presently. A lot of online vendors use this business model as a source of passive income consistently. Before I proceed, I want to believe you know what mini importation is all about.

What is mini importation? It is a business model that involves buying goods at extremely low prices outside Nigeria and selling them at high prices here in Nigeria. Well, I don’t need to remind you that virtually everything we use in this country is imported from countries like China, the USA, Vietnam, Hongkong, Dubai, etc.

The good thing about this business is that it requires low capital to start up. You can order goods ranging from phones and accessories, laptops and accessories, clothes, shoes, car parts, human hair extensions and wigs, kitchen accessories, etc.

While mini importation may seem like a very simple business model, you need to learn the tricks, strategies, and secrets in order to be a successful mini importer. Some areas you need to pay attention to include, price negotiation, checking for product quality, and using reliable logistics/shipping companies to ship your goods to Nigeria.

I need to mention also that one of the major challenges of this business model presently is the high foreign exchange rate of major currencies, like the USD, Chinese Yuan to Naira. To cushion the effect of the high forex rate, some smart importers now source products locally from manufacturers in Nigeria; mainly from Aba, Onitsha, and Lagos.

This is the exact strategy Jonathan Melody and his friends are using to make a minimum of N500k monthly (guaranteed) without going through the hassle of importing from China. Click the link below to learn how to join them.

Learn more about Mini-importation

6. Print-On-Demand (POD)

This side hustle is still new in Nigeria, unlike mini-importation and Dropshipping.

What is print on demand?

Shopify defines it as a process where you work with a supplier of white-label products to customize those products and sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand and with your own designs.

Print on demand involves creating a design which could be a logo, a picture, or even slang, and then pasting them on clothes, mugs, phone cases, and so on for people to buy.

A print-on-demand business is easy to start up. All you need to do is create an online store, create designs, then add or paste them on your product mock-up which could be a t-shirt, mug, cap, or even pillow, and then upload them to your online store with a price tag.

Once a customer makes a purchase, the items are printed and shipped to them directly from the printing company and you get paid a commission from each sale.

Learn more about Print on Demand side hustle in Nigeria


7. Start a Youtube Channel/Vlogging

If you aren’t camera shy, starting a Youtube channel in Nigeria is something you can do. The only problem with this is that it takes a longer time to start earning, unlike other side hustles. However, once you start making money from Youtube, it will keep increasing even with fewer efforts.

You have to take your time in choosing a niche you are passionate about. Not only that, it should be a profitable niche with the kind of content your audience will enjoy, be it educational or entertainment.

You also have to know how to create catchy headlines and thumbnails to attract attention. You can monetize your Youtube channel by adding affiliate links, Google Adsense, or advertising for brands.

Learn more about Youtube monetization

8. Start a Whatsapp TV

With more than 2 billion users and over 100 billion messages exchanged daily, Whatsapp has become one of the biggest messaging apps ever existed. Having a Whatsapp TV is another profitable side hustle you should consider starting in Nigeria. Not only does it require low start-up capital, but you can also do this with just your phone and internet connection.

As you know everybody uses Whatsapp, especially business owners who use this as a way of reaching and engaging with clients.  You can make a lot of money from this side hustle by running Whatsapp Ads for these businesses, all you have to do is grow your status views to about 3k above to get started with this.

There is a new way smart Nigerians are using to make up to N500k – N750k monthly. It is called the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program. Once you have a reasonable amount of Whatsapp views, you can join Expertnaire and make a lot of money promoting digital products.

Learn more about the Expertnaire N750k Whatsapp Income Generation Blueprint

9. Social Media Management

Social Media account management is a good and profitable side hustle in Nigeria. This job may look complicated but it’s quite simple. All you have to do is post, create content and engage with the audience of the account.

A lot of brands, especially those with big followers do not have the time to engage with their audience so they need a social media manager to do all that work for them.

10. Digital Marketing

Do you have digital marketing skills?

Then this is a big win for you.

A lot of businesses need digital marketers to help them develop marketing strategies that will make their business visible on the online space, generate consistent leads and also drive sales. If you are good with running social media ads, writing good sales copy, handling objections, or even closing sales, you can make a good amount of money rendering your services to them.

Learn more about digital marketing


11. Start a Real Estate Agency

Ever heard the phrase “the only real estate is real estate”?

Everybody needs a house and you can make a whole lot of money just by simply connecting a buyer to a seller. All you have to do is link people who want to buy a house or rent a house with an estate agent or housing company. Once the deal seals, you get a commission from it. You can run ads for the property on social media in order to get quality buyers.

Learn more about real estate marketing side hustle


12. Tutorial/Coaching

You can start an online or offline tutoring business on any subject you are good at. You can offer tutoring services to parents looking for tutors for their kids or organize online classes for students who are about to write exams like WAEC, NECO, POST-UTME, and JAMB.

Are you good at music or any musical instrument? You can make money teaching people online.

Are you good at computers or coding? You can organize coding classes online and make money from them.

13. Forex Trading/Cryptocurrency

The Forex market is literally a gold mine, you can trade currencies from anywhere in Nigeria. As long as you have a good phone, laptop, and strong internet connection then this is something you can do.

Most Nigerians dive into forex and cryptocurrency without undergoing the necessary training needed. Some go to the extent of giving money to investment companies to trade for them with the hope of getting returns. This is the easiest way to fall into the hands of scammers.

If you are interested in trading forex, cryptocurrency, or investing in a crypto coin, it is wise to undergo proper training from an expert. Because as much as Forex trading is very profitable, you can also lose a whole lot of money just trying to make it work if you lack proper training.

There is a cryptocurrency trading course that will hold you by hand and teach you.

Click here to access it for free.

14. Graphics Design

Graphic design is a high-income skill that can be a consistent source of income for you. You can learn this skill by watching Youtube videos or taking a professional course on this.

You can make a whole lot of money using your phone to design fliers and logos for businesses and brands. Canva app and Pixellab are two apps that you can use to churn out good designs in a few minutes.

15. Selling Pictures Online

Do you enjoy taking and editing pictures?  If you do, selling pictures on the internet is something you can do. The pictures can be of weather, animals, nature, etc.

All you need to do is upload your pictures on paying photography platforms. You can earn a few dollars by selling these pictures, depending on the type, quality, and the number of people interested in your photos.


There you have it! 

15 lucrative side hustle ideas you should consider starting if you are looking for an extra source of income.

 Take note though. All of these side hustles require effort and consistency. They are not get-rich-quick schemes. 

What I can assure is, that as long as you put in the effort to make any of them work, then you will definitely earn from it.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below and I will not hesitate to respond to you.

Don’t forget to share with a friend who needs this. 

If you want to chat with me one on one, feel free to connect with me on 08063631172 (Whatsapp only)


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