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How to Make Money With Information Marketing in Nigeria

Information marketing in Nigeria

What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is a profitable online business model that involves the creation, packaging, and selling of digital products such as ebooks, online courses, videos, and manuals, which help users in solving a particular problem.

Information Marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria and anywhere else. It is a business concept that has been around for ages – the internet has only made it easier, and more scalable.

A lot of internet marketers have used this business model to make millions of dollars online. Think about it for a second. Why do people use the internet if not for information or entertainment?

If people use the internet to get information, it means they will be willing to pay for it – this is the concept of info marketing. If you can explain complex concepts in a simple, organized manner, then you can get paid for doing so.

Just in case you’re thinking “but I am not good at writing”. You don’t necessarily need to have pro writing skills to get started with creating information products and make money from it.

Information marketing is a six-figure passive income online business you can start from anywhere just like affiliate marketing, and Aliexpress dropshipping. I am doing it and you can do it too by following a simple step-by-step guide. But first, I want you to understand what information marketing really is.

Information Marketing Business Overview

Information marketing means the creation, packaging, and selling of information products in exchange for money. These products can be in either digital or physical form. Digital information products include; ebooks, online courses, videos, audio, podcasts, e-reports, e-manuals, etc. Physical products on the other hand include; physical books, CDs, manuals, etc. A lot of people fret when it comes to creating an information product. Yes, this is normal. In reality, what you need is just your ability to create digital products that your audience will like. The main focus of any information product should be accuracy, simplicity, clarity of purpose, and organization. Remember, the end result of your information product is to help your target audience solve a need.

Again, your information product can be in any field or niche – provided it is able to provide answers to inquiries or solutions to a problem.

Everywhere I have spoken about info marketing, one question people always ask is What if I am not an expert in any field?”

Well, you don’t have to be. As long as you have more knowledge of the topic than 90% of your target audience, your information product will sell like crazy. Let me also tell you that not all information can be sold. That is why you must first research the niche you want to go into, as well as who your target audience is.

The knowledge or information you want to sell must either solve your target audiences’ problems or satisfy a desire. If you think you don’t have any sellable information, you can go out and acquire some through research, taking courses, and working in a certain field. You could even use someone else’s knowledge and expertise to create your Info-product. 


Here are my 4 major reasons why you should choose to start information marketing over other profitable online business models.


Information marketing is very easy to start in Nigeria. You don’t need to have a shop, you also do not need any form of registration or certification. All you need is your phone, laptop, and a badass idea that can solve people’s problems. This is all you to get started with information marketing. 


You can start information marketing in Nigeria with as little as N10,000. You will need more if you are not tech-savvy and may be needing the services of other people. The major costs you will be marketing – such as running paid ads on Google and Social Media (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.). Also for graphic designs if need be. There are countless resources/apps that can help you get free graphic designs such as Canva, Postermywall, etc. Pro info marketers make use of sales letters, emails, sales pages, and websites to promote their information products. As a starter, you do not need to worry about these. You can use Whatsapp and Social Media to promote your products for free.


Everyone wants to live an easy life, but problems are inevitable. So when problems arise, humans do whatever it takes to solve them. So if your product assures them of a solution to their problem, they’ll definitely buy it no matter the price. Just so you know, most Nigerians will spend any amount of money to solve their problems than spending little to prevent them from occurring. Lol! 


Information marketing is a very profitable online business, especially in Nigeria. In fact, most online businesses are. One of the reasons for this is the large population. As the most populous nation in Africa, every good product has a ready-made and buying audience in Nigeria. Aside from the money used for advertising, creating an information product in most cases comes at zero cost. This means that, once your product is out, you can sell and make up to 100% return on your investment.

How Much Can I Make from Selling Information Products?

One thing you can be certain of is that you can make a whole lot of money from information marketing in Nigeria. I am talking about 6 to 7 figures every single month. You can be making this continuously every month with the same information product.  

Let us take a look at some striking stats that may shock you. There are approximately 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day and over 1.5 billion searches on Facebook. What do you think these people are looking for? Information and entertainment. Imagine being able to get access to just 1 million Facebook users and selling to just 1% of them (10,000). Even if the product makes an N100 profit margin for you, you’d be able to make a minimum of 1 million Naira just from that product. The possibilities are endless with information marketing. This niche is evergreen and has remained a goldmine over the years.


The information marketing business is so lucrative that most of the top internet business gurus you know use this business model to generate millions of naira consistently every year. Some of them include,

1. Hon. Akin Alabi:

Akin Alabi is a Nigerian billionaire politician, entrepreneur, and author. He is the author of marketing books “How to Sell to Nigerians” and “Small Business, Big Money”. He is the founder of Nigeria’s first betting company called Nairabet. He makes a lot of money writing and selling books, holding seminars, and majorly selling information products.

2. Dr. Ope Banwo:

Dr. Ope Banwo is currently the CEO of Afrinet Business Solutions. He has written and published many books over the years. He is the author of social media genesis, Kingdompreneur, digital marketing without tears, African internet business manifesto, etc.

3. Dr. Sunday Obazu-Ojeagbase:

Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase is popularly referred to as the father of internet marketing in Nigeria. He is a business coach, author, and businessman. He is the founder & publisher of Success Digest magazine.

Successful internet marketers like Akin Alabi, Ronald Nzimora, and Toyin Omotoso all attribute their success to Sunny Ojeagbase of success digest magazine.

Dr. Suny has created a good number of high-quality information products, which include “bulletproof yourself from poverty”, “building your wealth from the ground up in Nigeria”, “The Lazy Man’s Way to Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria”, etc.

4. Toyin Omotosho: Toyin has become a household name in the Nigerian Internet Marketing space. He is the founder of Expertnaire and creator of Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package.

If you have been trying to make money online but have yet to succeed, one person you should listen to is Toyin. He has successfully transformed many Nigerian youths into millionaires through his Expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

5. Efe Imiren: Efe Imiren is an entrepreneur & CEO of Service Fort Resources Limited. She made her first income online through information marketing in 2008 and has made millions ever since.

There are many other big names like Ronald Nzimora, Daniel Damilola Nejo, etc. Just so you know it’s a big and profitable business venture here in Nigeria and anywhere else on earth.



Before you start information marketing in Nigeria, you must have a clear understanding of the information product you want to create and who you want to sell it to. You can’t just create any product because you want to. You have to make sure it is something your target audience wants and something that can solve a problem or satisfy their need.

Check out this Information marketing course to learn how to make money creating digital products from the comfort of your home.

Let me ask you this, does it make sense to sell a fertility product to a mother of 5? The answer is NO! Why? Because she clearly doesn’t need it. Just the same way it does make sense to sell the “how to pass WAEC” knowledge to a University graduate. To create your first information product, all you need is quality research time, focus, and your phone or laptop.

Below are the steps you need to follow to create and market a hot information product here in Nigeria.


What is a Niche?

A niche is simply a specialized segment of the market or industry for a particular product or service. Some of the hottest niches in Nigeria today; are the relationship niche, the make money niche, the travels niche, and the health niche. There is also something called a sub-niche, this is a sub-segment of whatever niche you choose. For example, a sub-niche in the make-money niche will be something like cryptocurrency or real estate. For the relationship niche, it could be sex or marriage. For the health niche, it could be cancer or diabetes cure formula. You have to choose a niche that you have a lot of knowledge of, are passionate about, and wouldn’t mind talking about it for a whole day. However, if what you love will not make you enough money then simply look for another niche.


The next thing you should do is carry out market research on your niche. Identify your target audience by creating a customer avatar. Your customer avatar is who your ideal customer looks like in real life. You can draw this by identifying the demographics (age, location, gender, financial status, etc) and psychographics (fears, desires, expectations, and results) of your ideal customer. Understand his major pain points and desires. This will help you tailor your info product in a way that answers all your customer’s questions and solve their problem.


After conducting your market research, the next step is to create your information product. Your info product could be in any format –  E-book, video, or even audio format depending on the kind of information you want to pass across. For example, if you want to create a product on web development or graphic design, it will be better to develop it in a video format because that is the best way to teach technical skills.


Once you have gotten your information product ready, you have to create a beautiful, attention-grabbing ad copy and a beautiful eye-catchy cover/flyer. 

Your Ad copy should contain both the benefits and features of your product, but most importantly how exactly your customers’ life will get better after using your product. Make sure you structure your ads copy in a way that makes your product a must-have for them.


Remember what they say about great offers?

You must make your product offer to be as attractive as possible. As much as creating an enticing Ad copy is important, a bad offer will drive your customers away. You should give an offer that makes your customers think they are ripping you off. An offer that will make him say “I must have this no matter what it takes”. Make sure to add bonuses to your offer to sweeten the pot. Also, the bonuses added should e relevant & useful to your customers.

Please note that as much as you want to make your offer irresistible, also make sure not to appear desperate and scammy. 


There are two ways you can decide to market your information product.

Method 1: This involves using a high-value content offer (HVCO) to get your ideal customer’s attention. A high-value content offer (HVCO) is something of value you give your audience or ideal customer for the purpose of generating leads. Your high-value content offer must be something that is useful to your ideal customer, related to your product, and also solves their problems.

After you have gotten their data, the next thing to do is to build credibility and trust by sending out useful tips and information related to your sub-niche. This can help your ideal customers satisfy a need or solve a problem, while strategically marketing your product to them as well. With this method, you can keep mailing them to make sure they buy your product, and you can also advertise and market any new product you create to them.

Method 2: This method involves running direct ads for your information product. All you need to do in this case is to create a compelling sales letter that talks extensively about the benefits of your product and then run a paid advert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, or Google using your sales page as a landing page (destination). Once your visitors click on your Ad, they will be taken to the sales page containing comprehensive details of the product, your irresistible offer as well as information on how to place an order for the product.

Once payment is made into your account, make sure you are available to confirm them and forward the info-product to your customer’s email address or you simply redirect them to your product’s download page.

You can also decide to link your sales page to a Whatsapp number. In this case, once your customer clicks the buy button on your sales page, they will be redirected to your WhatsApp DM where you can build rapport and sell your information product easily. This whole process can be automated. However, if you cannot afford automation, then you have to always be available online to respond to your prospects.


  1. How to Start an Affiliate Marketing business in Nigeria: Affiliate Marketing is a  very hot niche in Nigeria today. You can make money by simply developing an information product around this niche.
  2. Whatsapp Marketing Automation: Have you been using Whatsapp for your business? You can teach people methods of generating constant sales on Whatsapp.
  3. How to Create a Paypal Business Account: You may that having a verified Paypal business account is hard in Nigeria. If you know how to do this, you can create an information product off it and sell it to people interested in that information.
  4. How to Prepare Nigerian Foods/Delicacies: You can create an information product on local or international dish recipes, like Korean dishes. How to prepare local soups like Ofe Nsala, Egusi Peppersoup, Ofe Ikele, Banga soup, Iribotor, Ofe Isege, Ofe Apampa, Ikilibiani, etc.
  5. Online business models: Since Covid 19 hit the world, Nigerians have resorted to online businesses they can do from home. Why not write an ebook on getting started with a certain kind of online business in Nigeria?
  6. E-commerce: The e-commerce niche in Nigeria is not reserved for Jumia & Konga alone. You too can make money buying & selling on the internet. More importantly, you can create an information product on how to set up your own online store using WordPress & Woocommerce, Wix, Bumpa, Weebly, Whatsapp, etc. 
  7. Fashion catalogs: A catalog that shows the latest trending styles and how to match and style outfits
  8. Freelancing: You can create a guide on freelancing in Nigeria and also getting jobs on international freelance websites
  9. Dating & Marriage tips: Matter of the heart! This one is a money-spinner. In today’s world of fake love “upandan”, just create a guide on how to get your crush attracted to you or how to find true love.
  10. Education: You can create a guide for students who want to excel in WAEC, NECO, JAMB or POST-UTME
  11. Health: E-book on the best foods and fruits to eat to avoid certain health issues
  12. Mental health: There are many people who are facing a lot of mental issues in Nigeria today. Unfortunately, there are not many authorities to talk to. You could create an ebook centered on overcoming some mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc.
  13. Sex: People want to always be the best, even in bed. Why not create an information product on improving your sex life for married couples?
  14. Parenting: Are you good with kids? If yes you can create a guide on parenting, how to handle children, etc.
  15. Weight loss: Both males and females want to lose weight, especially young mothers. You can create a guide on the kind of foods to eat or avoid and also exercises they can start to lose weight.
  16. Dropshipping: Earning in Dollars is sweet, especially with the continuous increase in exchange rate under this Buhari govt. You can make money by creating an info product on how to start dropshipping in Nigeria using Aliexpress or Shopify.
  17. Travels and Tours: Do you have a passion for traveling and visiting exciting locations in Nigeria or abroad? You can create contents that show people some of these sightseeing locations like the source of river Ethiope in Umuaja via Umutu, Obudu cattle ranch, Mccarthy beach Resort in Abraka, etc. You can even create an info product on Canada Immigration or studying abroad (these are hot niches) and make money doing so.
  18. China Importation: You can make money teaching people how to import from China. To learn more about importing from China, check this China importation video
  19. Cryptocurrency: As a matter of fact, this is the hottest thing to consider creating an information product in Nigeria right now. According to Statista, Nigeria still remains one of the top countries in cryptocurrency adoption despite the CBN’s disapproval.
  20. Content Writing / Blogging: Just like what I am doing right now, I can decide to create an info product around this niche and some cool money.


There is a lot of money to be made from selling information products to people online in Nigeria. One thing you have to take note of is, marketing and selling the right product to the right audience is essential. As long as you’re passionate about succeeding with this business model then you can definitely do it. 

Do you want to learn how to create information products that people will beg you to sell to them? Here is a one-time opportunity to learn from a successful information marketer who has made millions of Naira selling digital products from the comfort of his home. Click the link below to get access to the course.

Digital Course Creation Blueprint 

Drop a comment if you have any questions to ask and I will be glad to reply to you.

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