June 16, 2024

Ever wondered how to find the best affiliate marketing programs that pay well in Nigeria?

In today’s post, I want to share with you a list of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Not only that, but I will also reveal to you the key things to look out for before signing up to promote any affiliate program.

You may have been wondering why affiliate marketing is so popular in Nigeria. One of the reasons is that it is now easier to receive payments as most affiliate networks now pay directly into your local bank account in Nigeria.

Another reason also is that social media networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc have made it easier for anyone to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Most international affiliate programs will require you to open a PayPal, Payoneer, or other acceptable international payment methods.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

As I promised at the beginning of this post, here is a list of the top 10 best affiliate marketing programs you can join to make money online in Nigeria.

Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is Nigeria’s no 1 online marketplace where most people shop for a variety of products. It’s like our own Amazon.

With the Jumia affiliate marketing program, you can earn up to 11% to 13% commission on every sale.

You can start affiliate marketing with Jumia by following the steps below;

1. Sign up via the Jumia KOL link
2. Login into your affiliate account and select the product you want to promote
3. Copy the affiliate link of the product you want to promote
4. Create content for the product you are promoting. This can be on your website, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
5. Share your affiliate link
6. Promote, promote, and promote.

Konga Affiliate Program

Just like Jumia, Konga.com is another Nigerian online marketplace where Nigerians buy and sell a variety of products. Konga is currently one of the most visited e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

The website has 0ver 100,000 products; ranging from fashion, children’s toys, electronics, gadgets, kitchen appliances, phone accessories, etc.

Joining the Konga affiliate program is very simple, you can do this by

1. Sign up to become a Konga affiliate
2. log in to your Konga affiliate account and select the product you want to promote
3. Copy the affiliate link of the product or products.
4. Create content surrounding the products on your website, blog, or social media account
5. Embed the product link on your created content

Payoneer Affiliate Program

This is another affiliate program that pays you for referring people to use their services.

The affiliate program allows Nigerians to earn commission on referrals they generate from their Payoneer affiliate links. When a sale is generated through the link you earn $25 automatically.

You can join the Payoneer affiliate marketing program through the steps below;

1. Sign up for the Payoneer affiliate program
2. Go to your affiliate page
3. Find the refer a friend banner
4. Copy your Payoneer affiliate link.

Once you’re done, you can begin promoting by creating content surrounding their product and services on your blog or social media account.

Web4Africa Affiliate Marketing

Web4africa is a web hosting platform targeted at Africans. They have a physical presence in Nigeria and Ghana. Apart from offering web hosting services, they also have a fantastic affiliate marketing program.

The only drawback is that the program is only available to its existing users. This means you have to buy their product before you can be able to register as an affiliate with them.

You can get started with their affiliate program by following the steps below;

1. Log on to web4Africa and register as a client
2. Buy a product. This could be a domain name or web hosting plan.
3. Sign up for their affiliate program
4. log in to your affiliate account
5. Locate the affiliate link and promotional resources
6. Create content relating to their product or services on your blog or social media.
7. Embed the affiliate link in your created content.

Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart is a leading online travel agency operating from Africa. They claim to sell cheap flights on over 500 airlines flying to more than 11,000 destinations.

You make up to 70% commission on every flight that is booked through you.

According to the, you can earn up to N400,000 or more monthly when you sign up as a Travelstart affiliate

Bet9ja Affiliate Program

I believe you know that sports betting is a very lucrative business in Nigeria; both for the promoters and those patronizing them. Bet9ja is one of the biggest sports betting companies in Nigeria. Others include Nairabet, Betking, etc.

Bet9ja offers an affiliate program that gives you an opportunity to earn up to 50% commission on each player you refer to them.

If you are a football lover or someone that is knowledgeable about sports betting in Nigeria, this is a good opportunity to monetize your passion.

Click here to get started as a Bet9a affiliate

Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Expertnaire is a high-paying Nigerian affiliate program founded by Toyin Omotoso. It is one of the best and hottest affiliate programs in Nigeria presently.

It was designed primarily in response to the yearnings of Nigerian affiliate marketers who have difficulty receiving their payments from other top international affiliate networks.

One reason why the Expertnaire affiliate program is very popular in Nigeria is that it teaches you how to become a top affiliate marketer through its 72ig Whatsapp income generator.

Another reason is that it makes receiving your commission easier by paying directly into your local bank account in Nigeria.

How to Join Expertnaire

There are 2 ways you can register and become an affiliate on the Expertnaire platform. These are;

  1. Sign up as an ordinary affiliate with an annual subscription fee of N10,000.
  2. Register for the 72ig implementation program and get access to intense training on skills needed for succeeding in affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

As an emphasis, I will advise you to go for the second option (72IG course). This is to enable you to acquire the necessary internet marketing skills to generate traffic and make money, or else you will struggle.

Many people start affiliate marketing only to become stranded midway. Don’t be like many people.

Learnoflix Affiliate Marketing:

Learnoflix is an online marketplace just like Expertnaire.

It was founded by Sam Havard and focuses more on selling online courses. It is also a platform that teaches you digital skills and how you can monetize those skills.

You can get access to the Learnoflix training platform by signing up directly as an affiliate.

As an affiliate on the learnoflix platform, you have access to learn 10 different skills which will enable you to succeed in your affiliate journey.

Access to the platform is by paying a signup fee of N50,000. This gives you one year of full access to the platform with zero restrictions.

Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow is one of Africa’s leading online travel consultancy companies. Their area of specialty include; Hotels and accommodation, visa processing, holiday packages, airport transfers, and much more. On Wakanow’s website, you can access top travel deals, get cheap hotels, and plan and book your domestic and international travel from the comfort of your home and everywhere you are.

Wakanow operates one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. As an affiliate on Wakanow, your job is to help them sell their travel deals and offers to their target audience using your personalized affiliate link. Once a sale is made, Wakanow will pay you a commission for bringing business to them.

What Do You Stand to Gain as an Affiliate on Wakanow?

According to the information made available on the Wakanow affiliate website, here are some benefits you will get as an affiliate.

  • You will earn affiliate income through referrals;

As an affiliate, you can share your link with other people interested in joining their affiliate program. Once they join and pay the affiliate registration fee, Wakanow will pay you a commission for referring someone to them.

  • Mark-up to Wakanow travel products;

Another way to make good money as a Wakanow affiliate is to take advantage of their highly discounted deals. How to do this is simply to mark up the price and earn some additional income.

  • Access to discounted travel deals;

As an affiliate, you can also get huge discounts on Airfares, Hotels, Airport pickup services, and Visa processing. This is aside from the income you will make for referring customers to them.

Whogohost Affiliate Program

Whogohost prides itself as one of the biggest web hosting companies in Nigeria, and the West African region currently. The company was founded in the year 2007 by a student of Obafemi Awolowo at that time by the name Opeyemi Awoyemi. Since then, it has grown from a ‘tiny Webhosting company’ to a full-fledged service provider.

Get ₦500 off when you sign up and make a web hosting or WordPress hosting purchase on Whogohost using my Whogohost Webhosting link to get started.

So back to the Whogohost affiliate marketing program. As an affiliate on the platform, your job is to promote their domain name registration service as well as web hosting packages to prospective buyers using your personalized link. From my research, Whogohost pays up to 15% affiliate commission for every successful sale. Web hosting packages are one of the easiest products to sell because more brands are taking their business online. Hence, the reason I added the Whogohost affiliate program as one of the top 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

These are some of the top 10 best affiliate marketing programs you can join in Nigeria and make money. There are many other good affiliate programs in Nigeria such as Zenith stake affiliate marketing. There are also foreign affiliate marketing programs that accept Nigerians, research about them and join.

Affiliate marketing can be tough if you lack the proper training to enable stay committed and make sales.

Just like any other business or job, you have to understand how it works and that is the goal of this guide.

Finally, I want you to know that Affiliate Marketing is Not a Skill, but an Online Business Model!

Just like information marketingDropshipping, mini-importation, etc, it requires you to have some basic online marketing skills

Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing as a Nigerian?

Click the link below for a step-by-step guide from a top affiliate marketer.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

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