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Relocate to Canada on Study Visa

Even with a Virgin Passport, Without Any Travel History...


Are you interested in studying or living in Canada?


Are you still confused on how to get started? 


That is why I am here to hold your hand and guide you through.


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What you will learn

Nice to meet you, I’m Ikechukwu Enuosa


Let me tell you a bit about me. 


Prior to 2023, I never had any plan of leaving the country.

How do I explain to you that I never had an international passport even as a mid 30s old man?

Yes, because I felt I didn’t need it at all. I had never traveled to anywhere outside Nigeria.

My first time of flying in an airplane was in 2016 when I had my NYSC at Jigawa State.

Flight ticket was relatively cheap.

Apart from that, I was already working, so I could afford it.

I flew from Benin to Lagos, then from Lagos to Kano on the same day. Big Boy 😁

After camping in Jigawa, I flew from Kano to Lagos, then from Lagos back to Warri.

All of these, I only needed a piece of an ID, and I used my PVC.

So, you see that I didn’t need an international passport?


Somehow, I was right, and wrong.


Yes, so what changed now? 


Before the general election, I had expectations. 


For the first time, I devoted my time into adding my voice to the campaigns. 


I was also prepared to cast and defend my vote. And I did!

Somehow, some things were not making sense to me, so I said I needed to have a second option.

My second option was japa! 

I contacted a travel agent who charged me N500k to help me.


How will I pay a whooping 500k to a travel agent? 

At this point, that money was sounding more like 5m to me.

And I said to myself “I can do it”.

I had worked as a cyber cafe attendant before becoming a banker.

Then I started Googling.

I contacted a few universities, and colleges in Canada.

They asked if I had an international passport, I didn’t have any. Lol.

At that point, I knew I needed to get a passport.


Wahala too much for JJC. Lol.

To cut a very long story short, I ended up doing everything on my own.

When I say everything, I mean from A-Z.

From admission, to payment, to visa application, and all.

Did I make mistakes that I could have avoided?

Yes, plenty mistakes.

Such as wasting $170 on an admission that I didn’t need. 

But I learned what I wouldn’t have learnt in school for 4 years.

Do you want to make such grave mistakes?

I’m sure you answered NO.

Join me let me handhold you and guide you through the steps.

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