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7 Affordable Web Hosting Companies for Small Businesses

7 Affordable Web Hosting Companies for Small Businesses

b hosting is one of the most important things to consider when starting a blog, an online business, or a website for a small business. Choosing a good web hosting company that will house your web properties online is as important as choosing a great domain name for your business. In this article, I want to share with you 7 affordable web hosting companies to consider as a small business owner.

Web Hosting, What Does It Mean?

According to Wikipedia, website hosting is a kind of web-based service that allows you to upload your website on the internet to make it visible online. When you buy a web hosting plan, you’re merely renting space on a server that contains all the functions you need to run your website smoothly.

In layman’s language, a web host is like your landlord on the internet.

Before your blog or website can be made accessible online, you will have to acquire a domain name. A domain name is your identity on the net. For example, Google.com, yahoo.com, wikipedia.org, and web4africa.ng, qservers.net, etc, are domain names with different domain extensions. There are many domain name extensions available for registration but the most popular ones include; dotcom (.com), dotnet (.net), and dotorg (.org).

Buying a domain name is simple. All you need to do is visit the website of the domain name registrar and place your order. Example of popular domain registrars includes; Namecheap, Godaddy.com, etc.


What is a Server and How Does it Affect Web Hosting?

A server is a physical computer that is permanently connected to the internet allowing websites, applications, and files to be accessible at all times.

Your web hosting company is responsible for keeping your website up and running, as well as securing your website files; preventing attacks. It is also responsible for transmitting your web properties (text, graphics, and files) from the server (host computer) to the visitor’s browser (client’s computer)

Before you can successfully launch your new website, there are 2 major things you need to budget for; your domain name and web hosting account. This is where all of your web files and databases are stored on the server of your web host.

Let me explain how these two work together. When someone types your domain name into their browser, your web host sends a message to the server which in turn returns the result.

Practical Steps to Hosting A Website in Nigeria

1. Purchase a unique domain name:

As I said earlier, your domain name is like your unique identity on the web. This is the name that visitors will type on their browser to visit your website. Examples of domain names are; yahoo.com, google.com, ikenuosa.com, etc. Domain names are also known as website names.

When choosing a domain name, avoid unnecessarily long and meaningless names. This makes your domain appear clumsy, confusing, and unprofessional. Make sure your domain name is distinct from others, so it stands out.

To buy a domain name, simply head to Namecheap.com or other domain name registrars. Search for your desired domain name and register it and make payment.

2. Open a Web Hosting Account:

As previously stated, you will need a web hosting account. The job of a web host is to assist you in storing your website’s data. If you choose to host your website with any web hosting company, make sure to do your research on the company or pick from any of the ones I will share in this article.

Types of Web Hosting Plans

There are different kinds of web hosting plans to choose from. One thing to know is that different hosting plans offer different functionalities. Also, the price of hosting your website practically depends on the kind of hosting account you have subscribed to. There are two classes of web hosting accounts; Shared hosting and advanced/private (VPS) hosting. VPS hosting plans are usually more expensive than the shared plan. This is because they are more reliable and have fewer resources.

Shared Web Hosting

This is suitable for a standard blog, a low-traffic forum, a personal website, a low-traffic corporate website, and low-traffic online stores.

Advanced (VPS) Web Hosting:

This type of hosting includes VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. It is designed for websites that require additional server resources. Most people who run eCommerce websites like JUMIA or KONGA go for this type of hosting. Other websites that may require advanced hosting plans include websites that offer downloadable resources, active forums, online banking, etc.

3. Set Up Your Website:

Once your payment is completed, your web hosting company will email you the details you need to set up your website. Examples of information you will receive include; cPanel login details, your website details, mail server details, DNS address details, disk space and bandwidth allocated to you, etc.

You can now proceed to set up your website either by using WordPress (drag and drop without coding) or by writing the code from scratch.

7 Affordable Hosting Companies You Should Try Out

If you’re looking to host your website, I’ve created a list of trustworthy and affordable hosting companies you should consider hosting your website on. The number one on my list is:

1. Hostinger Web Host:

Hostinger is a very beginner-friendly web hosting company with a great support system. It is designed to provide step-by-step guidance for those who are new to website building. They have an amazing customer support system. Hostinger web hosting service is reliable and fast making your website load in split seconds. This creates a good experience for your visitors and helps your website to rank higher on search engines. With as low as $1.99 per month, Hostinger offers maximum value for the features you will get. Up to 100 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and custom email address.

You never have to worry about paying an extra fee for the resources you might need.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you don’t have to worry about your website going down.  As a complete beginner to web hosting, Hostinger will help you save more money by providing you with a free domain name and free SSL



2. Web4Africa Web Host:

Web4Africa is one of Nigeria’s leading web hosting companies. Founded in the year 2002, Web4Africa has been in the web hosting business for 16 years, with users in over 120 countries and throughout the world, including Nigeria.

If you’re looking for a good Nigerian web hosting provider, you should check out this firm.

You receive 2 GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain such as .com.ng or .org.ng. All these are for just N800 per month. On web4africa, the most expensive plan includes limitless bandwidth and storage space.

3. Hostgator Web Host

If you’re familiar with the web hosting industry, HostGator is a name you’ve probably heard of multiple times. More than 10 million domains are hosted on this company’s server.

Based on this information, we both can agree that HostGator is one of the most reputable web hosting companies not only in Nigeria but in the world. There are different types of web hosting plans you can choose from. Some of these include; WordPress Cloud Hosting, Standard Hosting, and a range of other available solutions.

4. QServers Web Host:

Qservers is one of Nigeria’s best web hosting providers. If you’re looking for a reputable Nigerian web hosting provider without breaking the bank, then QServers should be your first point of call.

Qservers also offers a variety of programs for new users with varying budgetary needs.

For as little as N1000, you may get up to 2,000 MB of site space, 8,000 MB of bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL, and 5 subdomains. MasterCard, Visa, and Verve debit cards are accepted by servers, as well as direct bank transfers to their Nigerian bank accounts.

Visit to discover more about Qservers and the plans they provide, go to Qserver.net

5. Whogohost Web Host

Based in the United States, WhoGoHost is a web hosting company. Whogohost is one of Nigeria’s most well-known web hosting firms. Depending on your budget, this company offers Cpanel Linux Hosting, data migration, and host switching on a monthly or annual basis. For N800 per month or N8,000 per year, Whogohost gives 2 GB Webspace, and 10 GB bandwidth, free.NG domain, SSL certificate, 4 subdomains, 1 Parked Domain, 1 hosted Addon Domain, free Emails, and SQL Databases. Interswitch/Verve Cards,

Visa/Mastercard, Bank Transfers, and Bank Cash Deposits are all accepted by Whogohost. You may get more Whogohost web hosting and domain services at Whogohost.com.

Learn more about Whogohost here

6. Godaddy Web Host:

If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting service, then GoDaddy hosting is one option you should consider. This web hosting service has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The only con is that it is more expensive than the other web hosting companies on our list, but this is compensated for, by providing high-quality services to its users, Access to a selection of website-building software is one such service.

There are at least 100 apps available from GoDaddy to assist you in creating a website, forum, or blog. Aside from that, the first year includes a free Microsoft 365 email account as well as a complimentary domain name.

Another feature you get to enjoy if you use GoDaddy is that it offers a WordPress hosting solution. This solution was created to make WordPress website optimization as simple and easy as possible. Backups are also provided daily for a monthly fee ranging from N1600 to N9000.

Learn more about GODADDY here

7. Bluehost Web Host:

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies around. It offers one of the best hosting solutions for WordPress sites. With Bluehost, you don’t ever have to worry about your website’s loading speed as their server has been optimized for speed.

Their customer care service is available by phone, email, or live chat 24/7. They are also the most widely used web host provider for small and medium-sized businesses. As a new user, you can enjoy up to a 63% discount, free SSL, a free domain, and a free Site Builder to help you in creating your first website.

Learn more about BLUE HOST

Features of a Good Web Hosting Provider

There are certain characteristics, qualities, and features you should look for in a good web host provider. Critical factors such as website speed, reliability, and stability are all determined by the web host you choose. It is therefore important to do it right.

I have identified 7 important features you should consider before choosing a web host.

1. Quick response: The importance of website speed cannot be overemphasized. A good web host is a foundation for speed. Look for a web host provider that reacts quickly not just to your location or area but worldwide.

2. Uptime: According to Wikipedia, the amount of time your website is up and running is referred to as ‘uptime.’ Even a 98 percent uptime can imply your site is unavailable for six days a year. Look for a 99.8% or greater uptime guarantee.

3. Safety and security: Nothing is more frustrating than waking up to see that your website has been hacked. How would you feel, and what exactly would you be able to do if you lost all of your hard work and content?

That is why web hosting security is crucial. Automatic updates and malware scanning should be included in a decent host. Some even include a complimentary SSL (security) certificate.

4. Backups: Many hosts now include frequent automated backups as an added layer of protection and convenience.

5. Customer Service: Your web host should ideally provide customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Most hosts now offer phone, ticketing, and online chat as customer care options. It’s worth noting that some hosts charge extra for premium support.

6. Bandwidth and Storage: The quantity of information like videos and photos you can store on the web host’s servers is known as storage.’ Bandwidth refers to the amount of information and data like photos, texts, and videos that can be transferred from the server. This affects both the speed and the number of visitors. Naturally, we want as much storage and bandwidth as possible within reasonable limits.

7. Cost: Don’t just go with the cheapest web host. It may result in concerns with speed and dependability. It may potentially stifle your growth as your website expands.

Also, you don’t have to go broke or break your bank using one. Look for a low-cost web host provider that has all the functions you need to run your website effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Let us look at frequently asked web hosting questions and try to provide answers.

1. Is it possible for me to host my website?
If you have the necessary server software, hardware, and technical know-how, you can do anything. Your website’s performance will almost certainly be lower than websites housed on professional web hosting services. For the ordinary user, hosting a website on their own is not worth the work, and you’ll be better off simply using a web hosting company.

2. Can I host my website for free?
Yes, you can. Unfortunately, they come with their restrictions especially when it comes to adverts on your website which you have no control over. If you want to grow your website’s traffic and also make money, then you should consider using a paid web host provider.

3. Which method of hosting a website is the most cost-effective?
Shared web hosting is one of the most budget-friendly and extensively utilized kinds of web hosting. I usually recommend shared hosting plans for personal and small business websites. Commercial websites and larger e-Commerce sites benefit from cloud hosting. They provide this service as part of their overall package.

4. What is the best website hosting?
Determine your website’s goal and the type of web hosting that will best meet that goal. In most circumstances, shared web hosting should be sufficient to meet all of a small business’s or individual’s needs. If you’re hosting a large or medium-sized website, you should use VPS hosting rather than shared hosting.

5. Which WordPress hosting service gives the fastest speed?
Our best option for speedy WordPress hosting is Hostinger. Thanks to their Light speed technology.

They also have data centers in seven strategic locations throughout the globe.

Which web hosting provider are you using currently and what is your experience with them?

Let us know using the comment box


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